Dir Bruno Bolla

Shot in the early hours of central Manhattan, ahead of the Formula E race in New York.  We utilised rolling blockades across 5th Avenue, 6th avenue, 26th street and 29th street. Working in conjunction with the NYPD, 50 flaggers, hoards of disgruntled New Yorker’s and a boat load of curious tourists. A very challenging shoot logistically, we utilised 4 mobile, lightweight camera units and one main camera unit to full fill our ambitious shot list. A big thanks to the city of New York for letting us commandeer the Madison Square park area for this shoot.


Early on in pre production I obtained 3D renders of the Formula E car, with photometrically realistic camera angles, this allowed us to fully understand how to rig the vehicle with minicams and helped to expedite interactions with the client.

Pre production lighting guide

I charted together a rough lighting guide for Madison square park so production could better understand how the light would change during our allocated shooting period. As most of pre production was done remotely from London and location recce’s were via proxy up until a week before the shoot, it was important to convey to all departments and crew some prior understanding of how the daylight would interact with our location.